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“A beautiful pin-drop performance from an artist at the top of her game – able to fill a festival stage with her delightful sounds.”

- Andrew Marston BBC Music Introducing

"...beautiful, controlled and refined, yet ragged, raw, restless and regretful in the right places...

A glorious precipice to experience." 

- Darren Taylor Voice of America (VOA) Radio

South African born Josie Field is a combination of Florence and the Machine meets Janis Ian meets Aretha Franklin, Field’s voice is distinct and unusual. Her signature sound is a potent mix of lyricism and fire, heart-felt issues and tender constructions, she has a unique textured blues infused voice and soulful vocal delivery style. Rooted in folk but having experimented with blues, country, jazz and with strong elements of soul coming through on her latest release, Josie is no ordinary singer songwriter. She calls her sound ‘Indie Soul’ aptly the title of her latest solo album which garnered her ninth SAMA nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album in 2018.  Indie Soul is a modern fusion of acoustic meets digital with a deep soul inspired flavour that tugs on the heart strings.


“Not many artists have had opportunity to keep writing, recording and releasing albums year after year, it’s a tricky business and I have fallen out of love with it from time to time and felt jaded and restricted by the small scene in South African, however, I have never been able to resist for long. 


Experience the intimate nature and soulful performance of one of South Africa’s most versatile and experienced singer songwriters.

"The maturity of the writing is noteworthy...

always accessible and often gnawingly catchy."

- Bruce Dennill  Writer, editor, blogger

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